Insurance Defense

White Arnold & Dowd P.C. has an extensive insurance defense practice representing insureds in state, federal and appellate courts. We handle cases of all levels of complexity involving fraud, construction and contractor disputes, employment matters, director and officer liability, claims against municipalities and governmental entities, premises liability, products liability, property damage, trucking accidents, medical and nursing home malpractice, pharmaceutical litigation, toxic torts, class action and mass tort actions, and all types of personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Our firm is regularly asked to take over cases post-judgment through appeal and re-trial. A review of our appellate record shows the depth of our experience in both trial and post-trial work.

Successful defense litigation requires keen analytical skills and strategic planning.  Anticipating and adapting to changing circumstances revealed in pretrial investigations and discovery is vital. Our attorneys are strategic and prepared for the unexpected.

We provide policy analysis, comprehensive case planning and management, factual investigations, pretrial discovery, legal research and writing, as well as oral advocacy in the courtroom. We have a clear understanding of electronic discovery rules and how those apply in insurance defense litigation.

Moreover, with our experience and commitment to client outcomes, White Arnold & Dowd P.C. attorneys are prepared to take any case from filing to jury verdict. As trial attorneys, we regularly exercise our skills of advocacy; however, we remain committed to resolving the dispute at the earliest stage possible to meet our client’s objectives.


Governmental & Regulatory Affairs

The Governmental & Regulatory Affairs Practice Group of White Arnold & Dowd P.C. advises and represents clients in all areas of governmental relations, including matters relating to municipal, county, state, and federal regulations.

White Arnold & Dowd P.C. can also serve as general or special counsel to state, county, and municipal governmental entities and officials, state legislators and legislative committees, and quasi-governmental bodies.

Our services include developing, implementing, and monitoring comprehensive strategic plans to achieve specific goals and objectives with regard to legislative initiatives, regulatory proceedings, and administrative actions. Our strategic planning services include the development of multi-forum strategies for public advocacy through public relations and marketing to promote legislative and public support for policy initiatives.

We advise clients on proposed legislation, as well as existing and proposed agency rules and regulations. Our experienced litigation attorneys are able to counsel and prepare individuals to testify at governmental hearings. We are experienced in crafting industry and client positions on pending legislation and proposed regulatory actions. Our attorneys are available to participate on behalf of clients in trade association meetings and working groups and can manage and advise coalitions of corporations and associations in the pursuit of common interests and issues management.

The experienced attorneys of White Arnold & Dowd P.C. are committed to anticipating and planning for the unexpected. To that end, we can assist with the development and implementation of crisis management strategies for dealing with challenges that often arise during the legislative and regulatory process. We maintain ongoing relationships with legislators and other governmental officials in an effort to preempt problems and take advantage of public relations opportunities.

Our Governmental & Regulatory Affairs Practice Group also provides guidance to businesses, organizations, and public officials on the Alabama ethics laws and can assist with compliance matters relating to state and federal ethics laws.

We provide legal guidance and compliance assistance regarding state and federal lobbying, state and federal election laws, and campaign finance reporting. We also have experience in establishing and administering political action committees (PACs).

Governmental and regulatory affairs representation encompasses a complex body of laws and procedures and because legal, legislative, and business problems and opportunities are usually interrelated, it requires research skills, foresight, and careful planning to advance client interests in public policy initiatives, regulatory matters, and governmental relations. Attorneys with White Arnold & Dowd P.C. have extensive experience in serving clients in these and related matters.

Labor & Employment

The Labor & Employment Practice Group of White Arnold & Dowd P.C. has experience successfully representing employers and employees in a variety of employment-related matters, including claims of wrongful discharge, tenure disputes, and other forms of unlawful employment discrimination.

Today’s business world is complex, and the need to respond quickly to uncertain market conditions can lead managers to make employment decisions that adversely affect one or more employees. Our Labor & Employment Practice Group can provide advice and counsel to employers and employees before adverse action is implemented resulting in lengthy and costly formal proceedings such as mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

Attorneys in our Labor & Employment Practice Group have represented employers and individuals in arbitration, labor disputes, and matters asserting violations of the National Labor Relations Act, the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, and the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. We have represented employers and employees in proceedings involving violations of the Equal Pay Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as other federal and state wage and hour laws.

Our Labor & Employment Practice Group experience extends to complex litigation and dispute resolution involving employment, ERISA, and civil rights claims under a variety of federal and state laws, including Titles VII and IX. These cases may be class-based, brought collectively, or on behalf of individuals. Practice areas include discrimination based on gender, age, race, disability, national origin, religion, or veteran status, and claims involving governmental entities.

Attorneys with White Arnold & Dowd P.C. have experience representing employers and employees in wrongful discharge and retaliation cases where whistle-blowing is an issue.

In addition to employment planning, litigation, and dispute resolution, White Arnold & Dowd P.C. provides representation in the drafting of employment contracts, employee handbooks, and  company-specific employment policies and procedures.

Executive Severance & Compensation

Executive severance and compensation planning are more important than ever in today’s uncertain business climate. This is true for companies, as well as for senior executives who are affected personally and professionally by mergers or acquisitions that change control of the company, alterations in compensation structures, and the presentation of separation agreements.

The attorneys in our Executive Severance & Compensation Practice Group embrace their role as both advocate and counselor to clients who need representation in matters relating to senior-level compensation and severance planning.

Attorneys with White Arnold & Dowd P.C. have successfully represented executives throughout Alabama in negotiating severance and compensation agreements, and in advising them regarding restrictive covenants governing the terms for their non-compete and non-solicitation agreements. We also provide representation to companies in drafting and negotiating executive compensation packages and employment agreements that include limitations on competition with the employer’s business after separation from employment.


If the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail. Even though we are highly-trained and experienced litigators, we understand that litigation is not always the tool a client needs to reach a successful resolution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services offered through White Arnold & Dowd P.C. include negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. These services provide a facilitated negotiation process that allows companies and individuals to resolve disputes outside of the courtroom. Utilizing negotiation, mediation, or arbitration rather than the traditional litigation process may result in more time-efficient and cost-effective solutions to conflicts or disputes. Most importantly, the flexibility, cooperation, and level of client participation typically found in the Alternative Dispute Resolution process may provide clients with greater satisfaction with the ultimate resolution of their dispute.

We are well-equipped to provide experienced, neutral evaluation of disputes through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. Our lawyers bring the skills and experience necessary to guide the Alternative Dispute Resolution process through to a creative and mutually agreed-upon end result.

White Arnold & Dowd P.C. attorneys have successfully resolved a wide variety of disputes through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, including complex divorce, environmental law, construction disputes, employment and executive severance matters, contract and business disputes, will contests, trust matters, estates, conservatorships, powers of attorney, and other fiduciary matters.

Appellate Advocacy

An appeal is where a litigated case is ultimately won or lost. With that finality in mind, we combine thorough legal and case research targeted at specific appellate issues with skillful written and oral advocacy expertise to precisely target and advance the desired end result for our clients.

Whether our involvement begins with the first motion filed or after a judgment is entered by the trial court, White Arnold & Dowd P.C. brings the experience of hundreds of trials and appeals to bear on every appellate case.