Probate & Elder Law

White Arnold & Dowd P.C. provides a full range of probate services, including estate administration, conservatorships and guardianships, powers of attorney, elder planning, and litigation of disputes involving estates, will contests, and trusts.

Damage awards in personal injury and wrongful death cases often require long-term planning and the use of special needs trusts for minors and adults who suffer from disabilities or cognitive impairment. A.V.-rated White Arnold & Dowd P.C. has a long history of assisting clients referred to us by personal injury law firms who do not provide estate planning and administration services. Our estate planning attorneys provide careful analysis of available options like special needs trusts, “Miller” trusts, structured settlements, and lump sum distributions managed through trusts or conservatorships for the families of minors or persons with disabilities.

In addition to estate planning and guidance, we draft simple and complex wills and trusts, as well as durable powers of attorney. Our Probate & Elder Law Practice Group handles the administration of estates of decedents, and establishes and maintains guardianships and conservatorships for protected persons. Our firm is experienced in handling will contests and litigated disputes over estate and inter vivos trust assets.

We advise clients on elder law issues such as asset preservation, Medicaid applications and planning, advance healthcare directives, living wills, and the use of guardianships and conservatorships. If disputes arise over the cost or quality of care, the Probate & Elder Law Practice Group of White Arnold & Dowd P.C. provides analysis and mediation of nursing home bills, and litigation assistance in claims relating to quality of care.