Class Action

Often, individual claims for harm may be too small to justify the cost of hiring a lawyer. However, when a common problem arises and the same rights and issues are at stake for a group of individuals who are in a similar situation, the law often permits these individuals to join forces and pursue a single lawsuit against a common defendant. These types of suits are known as class actions.

Class actions are commonly associated with lawsuits under consumer protection and civil rights laws, where individual damage claims may be relatively limited. More complex tort cases involving claims over product safety, environmental contamination, or business practices affecting numerous individuals may also be appropriate for class action status.

The Class Action Practice Group at White Arnold & Dowd P.C. includes trial lawyers with extensive experience in both the prosecution and defense of class action lawsuits.

Our attorneys have represented a nationwide group of plaintiff physicians in healthcare litigation and a wide variety of corporate defendants in industries such as pharmaceuticals, consumer product manufacturing, healthcare, general retail, and consumer collections.

The importance of strategy, along with case management and electronic discovery issues, make class action suits particularly challenging. A keen understanding of public relations and the capacity to manage case publicity is especially valuable in managing class action litigation. Our diversity of experience in handling class action lawsuits and strong team of experienced litigators, paralegals, and support personnel make us uniquely qualified to pursue or defend against a class action lawsuit.