Products Liability

Product liability cases typically involve claims that a device or other product was defective in some way due to the product’s design, manufacture, assembly, packaging, and/or labeling.  Failure to warn or giving an inadequate warning concerning dangers associated with use of the product can also be the basis of a defective product claim.   Product liability cases may be asserted against any entity involved in bringing the product to the user, including the manufacturer of the product, its suppliers, distributors, installers, sellers, and retailers.

The attorneys of White Arnold & Dowd P.C. are prepared to defend aggressively our clients in all types of product liability actions, from cases brought by a single plaintiff involving an isolated incident to class actions involving a multitude of plaintiffs and incidents.

We begin our representation in product liability cases with a complete assessment of the claims and the facts, which allows us to develop a comprehensive strategy and case management plan. We also seek to gain a thorough understanding of the business so we can recommend a course of action based on each client’s individual circumstance. Additionally, we have the expertise to adapt and modify the litigation strategy in response to unexpected evidence that may be revealed in pretrial discovery.

Defending product liability claims requires not only a deep understanding of the law and affirmative defenses available to manufacturers or sellers, but also the capacity to manage vast quantities of data involved in both paper and electronic discovery. Our attorneys, along with our support team of paralegals and administrative staff, are experienced in managing the complex discovery requirements involved in product liability cases in both state and federal courts.

Our attorneys have experience defending clients in complex litigation involving pharmaceuticals (both name brand and generic drugs), toxic chemicals (such as isocyanates and chromated copper arsenate), infant car seats, manufacturing equipment (such as grinding wheels/machines, skid-steer loaders, robotic welding systems, and extruders/cyclone airlocks), construction materials (such as Chinese drywall and asbestos), ladder and scaffolding equipment, and a variety of food and beverage products.