White Collar & Criminal Defense

White Arnold & Dowd P.C. is devoted to upholding the principles of constitutional law that form the foundation of our criminal justice system. Effective representation in criminal matters requires a deep understanding of constitutional law, rules of criminal procedure, and the operations and practices of the government offices that investigate and prosecute crimes.

The experienced attorneys in our White Collar & Criminal Defense Practice Group represent individuals and corporations in criminal investigations and criminal cases in federal and state courts throughout Alabama.

Our clients may be witnesses, subjects, or targets of investigations, or defendants who have been formally charged with a crime. White collar criminal matters cover a wide scope, including public corruption, campaign finance enforcement, securities and bank fraud, tax crimes, healthcare fraud, violations of Stark and anti-kickback laws, and environmental crimes.

White collar criminal cases are often intertwined with complex civil lawsuits involving multiple defendants and causes of action, where key evidence is buried within terabytes of electronic discovery data. White Arnold & Dowd P.C. has assisted many mid-level and large corporations in compliance with e-discovery requests and responses to grand jury subpoenas, federal and state subpoenas duces tecum, and civil investigative demands.

We take a proactive approach to criminal defense that begins with a review of allegations and our own investigation to uncover the facts. Our attorneys develop a comprehensive plan and strategy for managing the case, from initial interviews through jury selection and trial. We also recognize the roles of publicity and the media and, where appropriate, incorporate public relations planning into our case management practices.

Risk management is vital in business and nonprofit operations in today’s uncertain and challenging environment. White Arnold & Dowd P.C. performs internal investigations of business practices to proactively identify problems or risks, and create action plans and strategies to minimize risks. We educate and advise principals and employees on how to comply with laws such as the False Claims Act and Stark and other anti-kickback legislation, and how to avoid obstruction of justice charges when investigations are underway. Our attorneys are also experienced in advising healthcare providers on how to avoid actions that might lead to charges of healthcare fraud.

In addition to our representation of clients in white collar criminal cases, our attorneys have extensive experience successfully representing clients charged with other felonies and misdemeanors by state and federal authorities. These include defense of persons charged with assault, sexual misconduct, property offenses, domestic violence, DUI, and municipal matters. Our White Collar & Criminal Defense Practice Group also includes appellate court services for those convicted of violent and non-violent crimes.

White Arnold & Dowd P.C. attorneys are members of, and active participants in, these organizations: National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, White Collar Crime Committee of the Alabama State Bar Association, Women’s White Collar Defense Association, and Greater Birmingham Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.